New book ‘Over the Rainbow: Money, Class and Homophobia’ by Nicola Field

Nicola Field was a member of LGSM in 1984-85 and one of the founding members of Lesbians Against Pit Closures in December 1984. Her book Over The Rainbow was originally published in 1995 and explores where the UK LGBT movement was at that point. Out of print for some years, the book has now been republished by Doghorn Publishing, with a new introductory chapter that explores both the LGSM story and places the premise of the book in context by providing an update on where the LGBT movement now finds itself, with the passage of a further 21 years. Commercialisation and the ‘pink pound’, identity politics and both the legacy and trajectory of left politics within this movement are explored. Nicola argues that, if anything, the LGBT ‘leaders’ of today are less relevant to the lives of LGBT people in Britain today than they were in 1995.

The book is available from Gay’s The Word bookshop and all good booksellers. Purchase it online here at £19.99.

Over the Rainbow