Original Pride campaigners celebrate LGBT+ month

Sheffield LIVE

This interview with Martin Goodsell from LGSM was recorded at the 2017 Sheffield LGBT History Month event over the weekend of 25-26 February 2017. LGSM, the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, and the Friends of Edward Carpenter were among the exhibitors and participants at the event, and LGSM’s Mike Jackson was one of the invited speakers.

Dancing in Dulais

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners Group
Editor: Jeff Cole

The South Wales miners’ strike of 1984-1985 saw the formation of a curious alliance between a plucky group of young homosexuals from London and miners in Dulais Valley. In Dancing in Dulais, an initial wariness on the part of the young gays, the miners, and the miners’ families gives way, through sometimes delicate interactions, to a loving and purposeful solidarity. The unembellished videography captures well this fascinating-to-witness union of two disparate yet ultimately kindred groups. The ‘Pits and Perverts’ benefit concert features the Bronski Beat.

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Framed Youth – revenge of the teenage perverts

Lesbian and Gay Youth Video Project

Made by, for and about young gay people, with rising stars of the time Jimmy Somerville and Isaac Julien among a host of others, Framed Youth won the John Grierson Award for documentary. Television hadn’t seen such real lesbians and gay men talking honestly about their lives. Offering instant 80s nostalgia for an alternative club scene and a pop video informed exuberance.

17th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

LGSM in Kellingley

Produced by Mark Lacey and filmed/edited by Roddy McDonald. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On January 31 LGSM went to Kellingley in North Yorkshire to a rally staged against the pit closure and the loss of 700 jobs. Workers, MPs, activists and union leaders marched through Knottingley and held a rally at Kellingley Social Club.

Has the LGBT movement been hijacked by big business?

Has the LGBT movement been hijacked by big business? The LGBT movement was once about protest and struggle, winning many of the rights LGBT people have today. But now it’s become a convenient way for dodgy corporations to ‘pinkwash’ their reputations - and there’s a complacency that all the battles have been won. Is it time to put the politics back into LGBT?
Owen Jones

The Women’s Front: The Miners’ Strike Through The Eyes Of Women

A documentary short detailing the experiences of women involved in the UK miners’ strike of 1984-1985. We hear how these wives, mothers and daughters lived through the strike, and how it changed their lives forever.

Plum Pie Media

South Wales Striking Miners’ Choir and Test Dept

From the album Shoulder to Shoulder by Test Dept and the South Wales Striking Miners’ Choir.

Comrades in arms

Dai and Mike went to see DS30 and they were both blown away by it. Mike said, ‘This work exposes the emotions of the strike, good and bad, through sound and images unlike anything I have seen before. It cleverly interweaves original footage which the artists made 30 years ago with contemporary material that confronts you with a raw, loud, angry dynamic. When you get a chance go see it. It will definitely be shown at the “With Banners Held High” event in Wakefield on 5th March 2016.’

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Pride in your Union

Interview with Mike Jackson on 24 October 2014 about the importance of trade unions today. Video produced by USDAW. Mike’s character is portrayed by Joesph Gilgun in the award winning movie Pride produced by Pathé in 2014.

LGSM and Pride on The One Show 12/09/2014

This footage from BBC1’s One Show was aired on 12 September 2014, just over a week after the release of Pride. It contains footage from Pride, the LGSM video All Out – Dancing in Dulais and interviews with Mike Jackson, Jonathan Blake, Sian James and Jimmy Somerville. The interviews were recorded at the Electric Ballroom on the night of the premiere of Pride at Camden Odeon. The Electric Ballroom was the venue used for the ‘Pits and Perverts Ball’ on 10 December 1984. After the premiere, the audience went on to the Electric Ballroom for a party and Jimmy Somerville performed, just as he did at the original Ball.

Pride Hero – Mike Jackson, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

Mike Jackson from Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) talks about the spirit of Pride, activism, solidarity and their plans for the future.

Trade Union Solidarity Contingent

LGSM (Lesbian and Gay Support the Miners) supporters at PRIDE IN LONDON will form a trades unions solidarity contingent at the front of BLOCK C. Pride is on Saturday 27th June 2015 (Where the video mentions the Rainbow Coalition, that organisation’s correct full name should read ‘Rainbow Coalition Against Racism’)

LGSM join picket in Istanbul

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) come across a construction workers picket line when visiting Istanbul in Turkey. In the spirit of the solidarity depicted in the true-life film ‘Pride’, they showed that international solidarity is alive and well today.
Filmed by Geoff Dexter