Lesbians Against Pit Closures

Lesbians Against Pit Closures was formed because some women felt that some of the men in LGSM had very clear political stand points, which they put forward very forcefully in LGSM meetings. Some of us wanted to organise in a different kind of atmosphere.

LAPC held a weekly planning meeting. We shared the tasks of taking minutes, photocopying and sending out minutes.

We organised daily collections outside supermarkets and carried out collections at lesbian clubs.

Some LAPC women visited the pit villages and attended picket lines.

LAPC organised a women only benefit for the miners on the 6th March 1985 at The Bell in Kings Cross. What a fantastic night! We had a great time and raised a lot of money for the cause.

We organised a women only day at Kentish Town Women’s Centre for ourselves and some of the women from Dulais valley. In keeping with true 1980s alternative style, the day included badge making and relaxation exercises.

We also ran a Women only benefit at Chat’s Palace, where the roof fell in!

We marched with our banner on the Lesbian Strength March in 1985 and at the London Gay Pride March in 1985, alongside LGSM and the mining communities.

Making common cause with another group who were under pressure was inspiring. I am still in awe of the courage and sacrifice made by the mining communities in those difficult days and in the years that followed.